January in review

over 1 year ago • written in English

Q1 goals in review:

  • Learn Android app development and Java basics - No progress
  • Translate my Japanese post about Docker to English with some updates - No progress
  • Achieve 900 at a mock exam of TOEIC - No progress
  • Attend Coursera - Enrolled Algorithms, Part I
  • Add 2014.8-p.info on Planet Tempura - Done

To make progress on first three goals, I have to break down them to “actionable” weekly tasks.

  • Finish one chapter at Android Developers’ Getting Started per a week
  • Translate 15 paragraphs on my Japanese post about Docker per a week - Translating Japanese literally might be bad for writing natural and structured English, but it might be good start since I didn’t make any progress at January.
  • Finish two chapters at Forest workbook per a week

In addition I have to have daily tasks on Coursera since there are weekly assignments.

To be honest it seems stretch goals. If it’s hard, I will prioritise Coursera class than other weekly tasks.