February in review

over 1 year ago • written in English

Q1 remaining goals in review:

  • Learn Android app development and Java basics - Finished Creating an Android Project and Running Your App.
  • Translate my Japanese post about Docker to English with some updates - Translated first 15 paragraphs
  • Achieve 900 at a mock exam of TOEIC - No progress
  • Attend Coursera - Finished Week 1 but the latest is Week 5!

The progress is better than January but it’s clear that I didn’t do weekly tasks as I planned.

What are blockers? First I started a new project in addition to these goals. These days I spent most of my spare time for the project. Second Coursera is harder than I thought. Third my commuting time was taken by books, not Coursera videos.

Can I improve the situation in March? Well…